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UNIVERSAL SKID STEER LOADER UNC 062 - mechanical control (prototype)

The UNC 062 skid steer loader is designed for earth-moving works such as loading, moving and shovelling different kinds of rocks. The loader can be used for other different works by using different attachments. The frame is of welded construction, with side gears, fuel and hydraulic tanks, and fenders. Working equipment, safety cabin, power train and hood are fixed on the frame. The loader’s drive is hydrostatic. Internal combustion engine is used as a drive unit. Travel set consists of regulation hydraulic generators, non-regulation radial low-speed hydraulic motors, travel gearboxes and four independently attached wheels. Loader’s steering and working equipment’s control is carried out by two control levers. The left lever is used for steering and the right one for control of working equipment.

Operating parameters:

Max.travelling speed 12,0 km/hod Transmission hydraulic – mechanical
Loading capacity 750 kg Hydraulic generator drive mechanic, direct
Heaped bucket capacity 0,37 m3 Gearbox mechanic with gear wheels
Max. motive power 25,0 kN Steering Mechanic, by slipping the wheels, carried out by change of hydraulic generator’s regulation plate inclination
Tilting load 15,0 kN Control mechanical, two levers
Engine Cummins 4 B 3.9, diesel, four-stroke, cooled by liquid nominal power 45 kW

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