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Construction description:

Welding manipulator ZP 3500-S is assigned for clamping and rotating of the tighting tool with the technical peace – welded part across its longitudinal axis in the total weight up to 3 500 kg with the balanced load on both pedestals.

The dimensions of the retainer plates according to the schemes are not binding. The manipulator is lied down on the floor in such way that the axes of the retainer plates are coaxial, whereas it is allowed in compliance with the floor flatness to underlay the particular parts of the pedestals´ basis. Clamp with the technical peace is necessary to tighten to the retainer plates of the pedestals so that the centre of the clamp with the technical peace passes through the axis of the retainer plates. Fulfilment of this condition will eliminate the costly balancing.

carrying capacity
engine power
output rpm
torque moment
braking moment
power supply
3 500 kg
1,5 kW
2,9 min.-1
2766 Nm
i = 459
20 Nm
3 x 230/400 V

Braking torque is transmitted through elastic coupling to supplementary gear assembly with the drive ratio ip = 3. Electric gearbox is placed on the solid pedestal; the pinion shaft is placed in antifriction bearings. Slewing speed of the retainer plate is 1 revolution per minute. The electric motor is equipped by the brake with the braking torque 20 Nm.
Polohovadlo ZP 3500-S Polohovadlo ZP 3500-S

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