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Technical description

The manipulator is assigned to weld the difficult welded peaces up to the weight of 1 000 kg. It enables the vertical axial rotation of the welded part and its tilting. By rotation of the arm of the manipulator is enabled the access to the welds that would be in the other position only hardly accessible.

The fixative turning table is driven by the self-employed electric gearbox. Elevation of the arm is provided by the screw transmission with the motor drive. Rotation of the arm is provided by the electric gearbox.

The manipulator consists of stand, rotating arm and fixative table. It is necessary to clamp the welded part on the fixative table in such way that its centre passes through the point of intersection of the fixative table axis and rotating arm axis.

Operating is provided by the portable button control. In order to ensure the safety of the operating staff is the panel equipped by the button “STOP”. Electric equipment is located in the lockable distribution box.

carrying capacity
tilting of the rotating arm
rotation of the fixative table
rotation of the turning arm
speed of arm elevation
power supply
1 000 kg
- 10° ÷ 15°
min. 2,5 ot/min
2,7 ot/min
1,2 m/min
3 x 230 V
Polohovadlo ZP 1000 – 3
open – side manipulator

Polohovadlo ZP 1000 – 3

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