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About a company

PPS Vývoj Ltd. was established in 2000. PPS Vývoj Ltd. covers development, designing, production, supplying, installation, putting into operation and service of machinery. The company designs the hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems.

Since its estlablishment PPS Vyvoj s.r.o. has designed and produced following products:

  • Fixtures
    • tack-welding
    • welding
    • machining clamps

    Realization from the easier once (templates), up to the difficult once (hydraulicaly controled, providing the automatic clamping mode)

  • Manipulators

  • Special-purpose machines
    • for paper and pulp industry
    • profile rolling machines

  • Prototypes of loaders
    • front-end loaders
    • skid-steer loaders
    • swivelling loaders

  • Attechments for loaders
    • wide range of buckets (mine, combined, rocky , forks with clamp, sloping etc.)
    • for the agricultural use (slope finishing machines, paletization forks, pattypan of silage etc. )
    • snow surfacers of different sizes , wide assortment of adapters
    • for use in paper and pulp industry (trunk grabs, trunks and branches fork, round timber fork, wood spliting machines etc.)

  • Machinery according to customer´s request
    • conveyor systems
    • lifting platforms

  • Repairs, re-construction and modernization of machinery

  • Hydraulic cylinders

  • 9. Machinery and equipment surface treatment according to customer´s request

To the most significant business partners belong the following:
Phoenix Zeppelin, PPS Group Detva, TSP Švédsko, MOREAU AG.

PPS Vývoj, s.r.o., Buzulucká 3, 960 01, Zvolen
Tel.: +421 45 5457249, +421 917 637300
Office: +421 915 972212
Fax: +421 45 5457249
E-mail: mail@ppsvyvoj.sk
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