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The HON 200 loader is a working machine built on two-axle, wheeled chassis, with swinging beam equipped with working equipment at front part. Drive of the loader is hydrostatic consisting of kick-down gearbox fixed on the front axle and rear axle. Both axles are equipped with differentials. Front axle is fixed on the front part of frame, equipped with hydraulically operated negative parking brake and multi-plate service brakes. Welded frame is a load-bearing part of machine. The large-dimensional ball bearing, on which the beam for placing the loading unit is installed, is a part of the frame. The beam is swivelled by ±90o by means of two linear hydraulic motors. Cabin, axles, engine unit, bonnet and systems are attached to the frame. Loading equipment with “Z” kinematics consists of boom, tipping lever, tool quick coupler, bucket and linear hydraulic motors.
  • Kinematics provides:
    • automatic bucket levelling during the boom lifting
    • automatic bucket setting to the loading position upon lowering from top dumping position

Operating parameters:

Min.loading capacity 2 000 kg Lifting force 50,0 kN
Heaped bucket capacity 1,1 m3 Breaking force 68,0 kN
Max.motive power 65,0 kN Tipping load straight direction 44,0 kN
Pushing force 59,0 kN Tipping load boom swivelled by 90o 40,0 kN

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